Gala dinners are your chance to showcase your brand in an environment that accentuates the best you have to offer. Amidst the drinks, food, and company, some live acts can bring everyone together for a shared experience that keeps attendees focused and engaged. Here are three ways you may consider adding live performance art to your dinner or gala event: 

  • Interactive Acts

  • Ambient Artsts

  • Segues are weird...

Interactive Acts

Everyone has an elevator pitch these days, but getting beyond that requires some common and shared experience. Interactive performers can bring the show up close and personal, getting your guests trying to balance, juggle, or otherwise become active participants rather than passive audience members.

Ambient Artists

Not everyone wants to have the performance thrust in their face. It's distracting and prevents them from doing what they came to your event to do - enjoy each other's company and support your organization. If you're looking to add to atmosphere without detracting from their agency, ambient performers can provide atmosphere without taking away from the attendees chosen experience.

Segues are weird...

How many times have you attended an event that begins with a cocktail hour in one location, and then transitions into a separate area for dinner? How awkward was it to get everyone moving? You can use both interactive and ambient performers to help guide guests, or for a more impressive flash you can have a feature act waiting behind doors just waiting for the spotlight to hit them.