LED Shows are the newest hi-tech performance options around. These are perfect for your glow, cyber, and tech events, along with any other function that needs something new, modern, and exciting. Specific instruments include:


Feature LED acts are what you need to, literally, light up your event. Product launches benefit from color-matched exciting introductory acts before the announcement, and all events benefit from having some of the newest performance art around on display. Acts can be solo or large group, anywhere from a super-charged 90 second opening to a 15 minute showcase.

For longer durations please ask about our full show production capabilities. We'll work with you to create the perfect fire show for your event.

Walk-Around LED Acts

Walk-around LED Acts are perfect for creating an atmosphere of spectacle without interfering with the flow of the event or your attendee's ability to socialize. This is especially important for networking events, cocktail hours, and the like; it allows for your guests to have a series of personal interactions with the artists that they'll be able to take with them after they leave.