Showing your employees you care about them (aside from just being the right thing to do) has been statistically shown to increase their productivity, retention rate, and moral. Consider bringing something otherworldly and extravagant into their lives as part of their appreciation day. 

Here are three ways you may consider adding live performance art to your Employee Appreciation Event: 

  • Feature Acts

  • Interactive Acts

  • Roving Acts

Feature Acts

Feature or staged performances are the acts you provide to bring people together, to focus their attention. As an introduction to the CEO or the "WOW" factor that draws your networking event to a close, these acts have been tightly choreographed and designed to ensure you see the pinnacle of skill and artistry.

Interactive Acts

In an event designed around showing your employees how much you value them, few things compare to involving them in the performance directly. Interactive performers can bring the show up close and personal, getting audience members trying to balance, juggle, or otherwise involve themselves with the performance.

Roving Acts

Not everyone wants to have the performance thrust in their face. It's distracting and prevents them from doing what they came to your event to do - relax and enjoy themselves. If you're still looking for a way to at to the atmosphere,  performers can rove around while performing without taking away from the attendees chosen experience.