'Networking events' are a dime-a-dozen these days, so what makes yours special? How do you get the movers and shakers in your industry to attend? Interactive elements are more and more expected, but getting a bunch of strangers to play 'games' is 'mandated corporate fun' at best.

Here are three ways you may consider adding live performance art to your Networking Event: 

  • GreEt with some flair

  • Interactive Acts

  • Ambient Artsts

Greet with some flair

First impressions are important, so consider whether it may be possible to station some performance at the entrance to your event. A stilt-walker to welcome attendees, or perhaps a fire-eater to get people excited.

Interactive Acts

Everyone has an elevator pitch these days, but getting beyond that requires some common and shared experience. Interactive performers can bring the show up close and personal, getting audience members trying to balance, juggle, or otherwise involve themselves with the performance.

Ambient Artists

Not everyone wants to have the performance thrust in their face. It's distracting and prevents them from doing what they came to your event to do - network. Still searching for something to cause a stir and make interactions 'stickier', see if there's a station or three you can set aside for performers to use to add to the general atmosphere without taking away from the attendees chosen experience.