Providing entertainment at your product launch is a sure way to increase visibility, demand, and create excitement. Everyone is constantly looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, so as you plan your next launch event, consider these three ways performance may be used to create a memorable experience. 

  • Put the Spotlight on the product

  • Custom Branding

  • Entertainment that Represents the Product


Put the spotlight on the product

As obvious as it may sound, it may be wise to consider ways you can feature your product in the performances. If you have a piece of tech hardware, can it be juggled or balanced?  If you're a SaaS startup, can your product be represented by a character?

Custom Branding

It may not always be possible or reasonable to literally include the product in the performance. You may consider alternatives such as using custom LED instruments to display your logo, or subtly reflecting your corporate colors in the coordinated costumes worn by the performers.

Entertainment that represents the Product

In instances where more obviously displaying the product may not be appropriate, there are other ways to convey your message. If your product provides flexibility for your customers, look into contortion. If it's a a delicate new fragrance, a crystal ball manipulation. Become invested in the nuances art can bring to your company and product values.